Emily Tate Moreu
I had a dream where my words met the water

Many years of endlessly searching for where to put my words led to this collection of installations in Malibu, Oaxaca, and Paris as a study of the shared space between what is art and what is writing (can writing be art beyond poetry on a page, and vice versa). The emphasis is on public art and the creation of an intimate experience in which an unassuming bystander (whi is running errands in the neighborhood, exploring the edges of cliffs and oceans) has a moment of transformation in which he or she becomes a participant of an unexpecting art-space, and equally a reader and ponderer. This summation is all to savor for a few moments before wandering onwards into their life journey to finish the hike, to finish the errands.  

From what started as street poetry on public walls in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City, gave rise to a book (Human Things) and these poetic landscapes. 

© Tate Moreu